November/December Favorites

Hi y’all! I decided that I wanted to start doing monthly favorites videos instead of blog posts. I hope y’all enjoy the video, and make sure to let me know what your favorites have been lately! xoxo, Kassie

p.s. Sorry about the weird audio mishap in the beginning. Don’t know what happened there!
Products Mentioned:
MAKEUP REVOLUTION Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in “Be My Highlight”
Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
Quaker Oatmeal- Blueberries and Cream
Bronx Sweater by Brandy Melville

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September & October Favorites: College Edition

September & October Favorites: College Edition

Yes ladies and gents, this bimonthly favorites post is going to be a little bit different than usual; it’s the college edition!

The reason I wanted to add that in for this post is because for the past two months I have been (I bet you can guess) at college, living in a dorm, having fun, but also studying hard. A lot of the things I’m going to mention have been really helpful to me as a college student, but they of course can be used by anyone.

Now without further ado, let’s begin!



Womens Chaco Zvolv X2 Sandal in Gray: Yes, I joined the Austin bandwagon and I got myself a pair of Chacos. I don’t regret it though, there’s a reason why they’re so popular. 1) They’re SUPER comfortable to walk in- my feet never hurt when I wear them, and 2) They’re multi-purpose shoes. They’re great for walks, hikes, or floating in the river. Am I officially an Austinite now? I think I am.



Burnt Orange Oversized Cardigan: Totally forgot to take pictures of mine (sorry), but I do have to say that carrying around a cardigan has been a MUST for me. Especially in Texas, where it can be nice and cool in the early morning but blazing hot by 11 a.m. I really enjoy wearing loose, comfy clothing so my cardigan hits the spot. Plus it’s burnt orange, so it’s a win-win situation. Also, cardigans can be multi-purposeful, at least in my case. I use it to keep me warm in class, or sometimes as a blanket or pillow when I take my midday naps. It’s been a really essential clothing item for me, and I really like it!

Kendra Scott Opal Necklace: My sweet, sweet boyfriend got me this necklace for our anniversary, and I have been wearing it a ton! It goes with a lot of outfits, and I also like the style of it. It’s kind of like a loose choker if you fasten it to the tightest loop. It’s my first Kendra piece and I have really been liking it!



Modern Renaissance palette by ABH: Wow guys, I REALLY like this palette. It screams “Kassie.” The super warm orange, the reds and pinks are so beautiful. I’ve been using it every weekend, and it has really gotten me out of my comfort zone and into trying new shades and looks. It also has really nice transition shades if you want a more simple, everyday look. And the best part is that the eyeshadows blend so effortlessly; it’s super easy to get a super blown-out look with this palette. I HIGHLY recommend it, especially for this time of the year. It’s worth every penny!



Mac Matte Lipstick in Whirl: This is just an awesome grungy shade for this time of year. I’ve been wearing it all the time! Also it’s a really great matte formula-not too drying.



RCMA No-Color Powder: This powder was blowing up all over the internet for months. I couldn’t get my hands on it till recently, and I do have to say it truly is an amazing powder. You can use it for anything: setting your under-eyes, your whole face, to carve out your contour, to bake. It’s great! I’ve actually been baking my under-eyes more since having this powder, and I can confirm that it doesn’t leave a white cast. It such a versatile powder with a lot of product and a great price; you seriously can’t go wrong. 



Sabra Classic Hummus: So recently I have found out that I like hummus- a lot. I tried it a few years a ago and wasn’t super fond of it, but something happened to my taste buds in the past 5 years, and now I crave this stuff. It’s such a great snack with some pretzels or pita chips. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a healthy snack. This is the way to go, as long as you don’t eat too much like me. 🙂

Skinny Girl Popcorn in Lime and Salt: I’m honestly surprised I haven’t mentioned this popcorn before. I have been raving about it to people for months now! I’m not someone who likes extremely buttery popcorn, so this a great alternative for me. If you’re looking to try something new with your popcorn, I would definitely try this. Or if you don’t feel like going to the store and getting it, I also recommend just pouring lime or lemon juice over normal popcorn. I used to do that all the time and it’s my favorite!

Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers- Parmesan: Y’all, these changed the game for me. In one of my older favorites posts I mentioned some vegan cheddar crackers. Don’t get me wrong, those are great, but I do have to say I like these more. Parmesan cheese doesn’t have lactose in it, so if you’re like me and you’re lactose-intolerant, these are great. I actually think they’re better than normal Goldfish! 



Zootopia: This is such a cute movie, with surprisingly strong messages for a kid’s film. But that actually made me like it even more! Highly recommend if you haven’t watched it already.

Medicine/ The 1975: A nice, chill song. It’s one of those that I can have on repeat and not get tired of it. Great for studying or relaxing!

“Brain Food” playlist on Spotify: I’m a person that when I study, I HAVE to listen to instrumental music. If there’s anything with lyrics, I will go from studying to singing around the room. With that being said, this playlist have been perfect for when I study. It’s mellow electronic that really helps me concentrate. 


And that is it for my September and October Favorites! As always, I left a link in the names of each product if you wanted to take a look. Please share what your favorites were these past couple of months in the comments below!

Much love,


July/August Favorites

July/August Favorites

Hey y’all! I’m going to share with you my favorites during the months of July and August. The list piled up pretty high, and I truly have been enjoying everything I have listed. I hope that some of these things are new finds for you that maybe you can look into!

Now without further ado, let’s begin!


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner by Lush- So I actually re-fell in love with this product. I discovered it back in February, before blog times, and it is seriously the best-kept secret for lazy girls. If you don’t like putting on cold, greasy lotion after a shower, you. need. this. Basically, you lather this on at the end of your shower and rinse it off with water. It leaves your skin nourished but not sticky. It’s AMAZING!

IMG_3324 IMG_3413

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer- I had heard the hype over this product for way too long, and I finally had to try it for myself. And let me tell y’all- it really is great! Super minimal creasing (My under-eyes naturally crease so that’s a biggie for me), full coverage, and it’s also lightweight! My only complaint is something that is of my own doing, which is the shade. I picked up “light neutral” when I should have picked a more yellow shade. Urban Decay did me no wrong with this concealer, I highly recommend!


Too Faced Sweet Tea Bronzer- Love love love is all I can say about this product. I have weird pigmentation issues where my bronzer sits on my skin, so a lot of the time the product skips, but I do not have that issue with this bronzer. Another thing I really like about it, is that it gives a subtle and healthy glow to the skin. It is super universal when it comes to skin types because there are two shades in this bronzer. You can add more of the dark shade to make it more deep, and lighter with the light shade!



Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in “Hot Toddy”- I can’t stop wearing this gloss, ESPECIALLY on those “natural days.” I’ve never really been a gloss gal, but this totally changed my mind. This polish 1) Isn’t gloopy 2) is super moisturizing and 3) SMELLS LIKE LUCKY CHARMS OMG. It is such a wonderful scent to put on my lips. It also has lip-plumping powers, but as shown below it is not a big difference. Regardless, I really enjoy this gloss! 

Pro tip: This gloss looks AMAZING with the lippie stix by Colourpop called “Brink” I talked about it in my last monthly favorites. The perfect everyday combo.




Link in Bio hat- This hat has been on my head for every bad hair day. Honestly, it’s mainly in my favorites because it’s so fitting now that I have a blog so.. yeah. You’ll catch me referencing to it a lot. #sorrynotsorry


Arizona Birkenstocks in “Mocha”- These shoes have also been very consistent in my every day attire. They are super comfortable once broken in, and you can dress them up with so many different styles. I can’t get enough! (Also, excuse my tennis tan)



Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares- Basically the vegan version of cheez-its, these bad boys are so awesome for you guys out there who are like me, and cannot have cheese. I will admit, these don’t taste like cheez-its, but the taste itself is good enough for me. The only store I know that has them is Krogers!



Rivers and Robots- Wowowowow I really really like this band. They have been on repeat constantly for the past two months. Rivers and Robots is an Indie Worship Band. I honestly cannot even give you my favorite tracks because I really love all of them. They totally deserve more recognition!

“Follow Your Bliss” playlist on Spotify- Following along with the music theme, I wanted to give this playlist a shout out! My boyfriend, Kyle, actually showed it to me and I’ve been listening to it a bunch since! It very much so gives a fun, feel-good type of mood, so if you’re into that I really recommend this playlist.

Stranger Things- I think me and everyone else who has Netflix has watched this series, and loves it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s scary, but it definitely is a little creepy. What I really like about it though is the 80’s vibe. Much fashion. Very style.

No but seriously. Check it out if you haven’t already! You’ll immediately get hooked.


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers- This is a beautiful book based on the book of Hosea. If you love Jesus and you enjoy a few tears while reading a book, you need to read this. Right now. End of discussion. 

Journaling- I’m putting this in my favorites because this really is something I love doing during my everyday routine. Journaling has totally changed my life in the best way possible. I journal during my quiet time and sometimes at the end of the day if there’s something I really feel like putting on paper, or if something significant happened. Not only is it something that has been benefiting me now, but it will be neat to be able to look back on what I’ve been writing now, in the future. Out of everything I’ve mentioned, I recommend this the most!


And that is it for July/August favorites! I love doing these posts because I feel like y’all get to know me a little bit more, which is great because I am always willing to share more with y’all. Please please please feel free to comment down below if there are any types of blog posts y’all are wanting to see from me. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment sharing what your favorites were for these past couple of months! And if there was anything I listed that you want to check out, just click on the name of the product and it will send you to right link.


Much love,


May/June Favorites

May/June Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing with you my favorites throughout the months of May and June, as shown by the title, haha. I am going to start doing monthly favorites every other month. I honestly don’t have enough content to do it monthly, so I thought this was a great alternative because I really enjoy sharing my favorites as well as hearing yours! So be sure to leave in the comments what beauty items, books, movies, events etc. that you’ve been loving these past couple of months.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette What makeup lover isn’t obsessed with this product right now? The blushes and highlighters in this palette are GORGEOUS. They all have great color payoff and are just overall beautiful. What I really like about this, is that you can easily mix and match the blushes and highlighters because everything complements everything. No need for searching, this baby has got me covered when it comes to bringing some life to my face.


Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink– I lalalovvee this lipstick! It’s a matte, but not too matte, and it’s SUPER comfy on the lips. But my favorite thing about it is the color! For me personally, it is a “my lips but better” shade. I always struggle finding a nude that complements my skin tone, so I’m very happy I came across this! If you have an olive skin tone, this lipstick is for you! Also, did I mention it was only five bucks? Yeah, it’s awesome.




Ben and Jerry’s Dairy-free ice-cream– Y’all already know I have stomach problems, and one of the setbacks I have from it is not being able to have dairy. So when I found these pints of joy, I was ecstatic. This ice-cream is soooo good y’all. The only difference I really notice compared to the original recipe is that this is not nearly as creamy. But that’s okay. Ice cream is ice cream to me!

Arctic Zero Ice-cream – This is another dairy-free ice-cream that I’ve really been liking as well. This one is also gluten-free! So yeah; you can say I’ve been going a little ice-cream crazy lately. I’m not sorry.

Luna Protein Bars– Thanks to my friend Carolina (THANK YOU SO MUCH NINA), I am now obsessed with these protein bars. I’ve only tried the cookie dough flavor, but needless to say I love them. I have two boxes of them in my drawer right now actually. So if you’re a girl on the go, I highly recommend these! 


Gilmore Girls- I know, I know. This show is kinda old and I’m super late to the party, but this is too good not to mention. I’ve never really heard of anyone talk about Gilmore Girls, and when I saw it on Netflix I decided to give it a shot. It’s unlike any t.v. show I’ve ever watched, and I absolutely adore it. If you’re into dramas, but don’t like them too over the top, I really recommend this series! Although it can be cheesy at times, it is honestly one of my favorites because it’s humorous and relatable.

Spoon- No, I’m not talking about the utensil, but about the band! They are such a good indie rock band, and they actually originated in Austin, Texas! (Hook em’) The main album that I’ve been listening to is, “They Want My Soul.” 

AWOLNATION- I’ve been listening to AWOLNATION for years, but I’ve really been on a rock kick lately so I am constantly replaying their tracks. Their music is so unique, and it honestly never gets old to me.


Room by Emma Donoghue– Usually when I buy books, it’s because I’ve been on the hunt for them. Rarely do I ever just see a book at the store and get it just cause, but when I read the summary for “Room” I knew I had to read it. It is such an eye-opening book that calls to one particular reality of this world, and that is kidnapping and rape. I definitely think that this book is pushed more for book clubs or school, and I can see why. Once you read it, you itch to discuss with someone. It is truly just overall an amazing story with insightful themes and thoughts.


And that is it for my May and June Favorites! I know it’s not a ton, but these are truly things I have really been enjoying. Once again, feel free to share in the comments what YOU have been loving! I love hearing from y’all.

Much love,


April Favorites!

April Favorites!

Hi friends! Today’s post is going to be all about my April favorites. If you aren’t familiar with monthly favorite posts or videos, basically I’m going to share with you everything I absolutely adored during the month of April! Being an avid YouTube watcher, watching videos like these are one of my favorites (haha), so I thought I’d go ahead and join the bandwagon. Now without further ado, let’s begin!


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation Oh. my. goodness. This stuff is amazing! Out of all beauty products I am the most picky about foundation, so when I found this gem it automatically became a holy-grail product for the spring and summer. It is SUPER lightweight but yet has amazing coverage! And if you need a little more coverage for those bad skin days, it is also really buildable. Also, it has an SPF of 15 in it so its great to use on those hot summer days. THANK YOU TARTE! You have done me a good service. My skin is now beautiful and flawless. 

ABH Brow Definer: This product has totally changed my brow game. Before using the brow definer, I used a L’Oreal brow pencil that it is extremely similar to the ABH brow wiz. I liked the product itself, but I didn’t like how long it took me to fill in and shape my brows. The definer has totally fixed that problem for me! You can do super thick strokes or tiny hair-like strokes. If you are a girl with thick brows, I totally recommend this!


Becca Mineral Blush in HyacinthHonestly, when I first got this blush I was a little skeptical because 1) It was prettyyy pricey, and 2) It’s bright pink! Definitely out of my comfort zone. I tried it out anyways and now it’s one of my favorite blushes! I usually wear it when I have a natural makeup day, and it really makes my face look fresh and awake. I will say though, it is VERY pigmented so you have to use a light hand. 


Clinique Pep-start Eye Cream“Wow” is all I can say about this eye cream. I have pretty dark under-eye circles and this cream brightens them up like no other. I only have the sample size, but I am definitely going to get the full tube!


Brothers All Natural Fuji Apple CrispsThe first time I ever had these was when I was 10 and I went to Disneyland with my family. Since the first bite I knew I had to have them in my hands once more. I regained my love for them in April when I found them at HEB, and they are still just as soft and sweet as I remember.

SlimFast 100 Calorie Snacks Cinnamon Bun Swirls Drizzled CrispsFunny story- My grandma recommend these to me when I took a trip to the grocery store with her. She kept raving about them, so I decided to try them. I gotta say, they are DELICIOUS! They’re also really great because they are easy to pack with on-the-go scenarios. Thank you Grandma 🙂 


Steve Madden Frenchey Boot in BlackGraduation is around the corner, and all month I was looking for heels that wouldn’t sink into the turf when I received my diploma. When I found these babies I knew I had hit the jackpot. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, and also super cute! I will definitely be wearing them a ton. 


Season Five of “Bob’s Burgers”: Just like all the others, season 5 of “Bob’s Burgers” was great. Equally as humorous and awkward as the other seasons, and I absolutely loved it. (P.s. I finished the entire season in like a week- oops) 

Simple Gospel | United Pursuit: This album absolutely blew me away. It is exactly what it claims to be- simple. The lyrics say so much with so little, and it is absolutely beautiful! I had “Let it Happen” on repeat for days. I really recommend it for you hardcore worshipers out there 😉


And last, but definitely not least, I have my Erin Condren Life Planner! I’ve had this planner since the beginning of senior year, but I stopped using it around the holidays. With finals and lots of planning for graduation and college, I decided it was best to pick it up and use it again. My love for it has once again bloomed, and I have been seriously questioning why I ever stopped using it in the first place! I recommend this for anyone, really. You can easily customize it to your liking and it comes with a lot of cute tools and stickers 



And that is a wrap for my April Favorites! If you’re interested in checking out anything that I listed, I put a link in the names of each product. Did you have anything that you were absolutely loving during the month of April? Share in the comment section below! I am eager for any recommendations.

With love,

Kassie ♥