Our Expectations vs. God’s Reality

Our Expectations vs. God’s Reality

Hello friends! I am so incredibly excited to share with you something I have been relishing in the past couple of weeks, and that is God’s grace.

What is God’s grace?

Well according to the handy dandy internet, grace is the free and undeserved favor of God.

Keep that in mind, you’ll need to remember that in a minute. For now, let me share with you a common scenario I’ve been experiencing lately:

Me:  Okay, I’m going to study for this class, workout, eat, do this and that, and then read my bible!

*Night time comes*

Me: Oh gosh I spent my entire day studying and I didn’t get to do this and that.. or read my bible! I’ll just catch up tomorrow.

Me: (repeats this process 3 days in a row)

Me: Ahh no I haven’t read my bible in days, God is probably so disappointed dkgndinfknfjefnj.

You get the point.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever try to intentionally spend time with The Lord, but you let other responsibilities get in the way? Because I’ll be honest, I go through this process ALL THE TIME, and the worst part is that I feel like I am failing God.

But let me tell you something friends,

God is a gracious God that runs after our hearts, not our Christian duties.

I am a person who puts very high expectations on myself; I have ever since I was a little kid. And when I came to know God, I somehow got the idea that the expectations I have on myself are also God’s expectations.

But that is SO UNTRUE.

A lot of the time, I’m harder on myself than God is. I am the one who sets a goal to have quiet time with The Lord every day, not him. Although he delights in when I spend time with him, he doesn’t force me to because he is a God who believes in free will. He wants us to crave the word, not forcefully feed on it.

And even on the days I do take the time to read the word, I still need God’s grace. You know why?

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet, God with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty of our sins. – Romans 3:23

Every day I fall short because of sin. Even if I do something pleasing to the Lord, like reading his word, it doesn’t wipe away the displeasing things I also do, like talking back or having a bad attitude. But that’s the beautiful thing about our Father- HE LOVES US ANYWAY. He sent his perfect son to die on a cross because he thinks we’re worth something despite our failures.

This is GRACE y’all!

The only thing God expects of his people is for us to willingly pursue him with all we have. That doesn’t mean always getting things right, but always striving for what is right, and what He is calling us to as his disciples. Every expectation that doesn’t line up with that is our own.

So the next time you beat yourself up on not reading the word, or not praying for that friend you grab lunch with, remember that God’s grace is abundant whether we do those things are not. Even so, that kind of grace and love should encourage us to say “yes” to him next time.

Much love,








Things are Changing

Things are Changing

Oh yes they are my friends.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve realized something.

I’m in a new season of my life. The way my life is structured right now is totally different than what is was when I was living back home.

I’m in college now. Every day is different, my planner is full of “to-do’s,” and there are copious amounts of homework every week. It’s awesome- really. It has been such a blessing being able to advance my education even further, but I do have to say I have been struggling with the transition.

I have come to realize that I can’t do weekly blog posts anymore. It’s not because I don’t have the time at all, or because I don’t want too (because believe me, I REALLY want too), but because I don’t want this blog to feel like work. Putting it in my planner to have a post up every Thursday at noon was becoming stressful, and it was no longer about quality, but quantity.

I NEVER want my blog to be about quantity. When I upload something, I want it to be genuine and a post I really put some thought into- not something I threw together to get myself by for the week.

When it comes down to it, I don’t know how often I’ll post. I’m hoping at least every other week, but there are no guarantees. It hurts my heart a little bit, because I love this little corner of the internet. I love sharing with y’all pieces of me and what The Lord is doing in my life, but right now posting frequently just isn’t feasible. And you know what? That’s okay. (I’m still trying to tell myself that).

God told me to start this blog, but he didn’t tell me how often I had to post in order to fulfill his will, and to me that is so beautiful. I am a person who puts high expectations on myself, and The Lord has had to remind me that although I put those high expectations on myself, he doesn’t. I’m harder on myself than he is, and I need to let my expectations go and just sink into his grace.

Great things are coming y’all. Although I may not be able to post as often, when I do it’s going to be good because The Lord is good, and he is doing amazing things in me and around me. I have a huge list of things to share with you, and I can’t wait to do so.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope to chat with you soon!

Much love,



Let’s chat

Let’s chat

Hey guys, so I have a little something to admit.

I didn’t prepare an outline for my blog post.

I know, I’m a terrible person, but life has been pretty crazy (which I’ll get to later), and I didn’t want to just throw something together. That’s not fair to me and that’s not fair to you.

So, I decided we could have a little chat!

Well, I’ll be doing most of the talking, haha. But y’all are more than welcome to write down in the comments so we as a community can talk about life or even random stuff. That is why this blog is here, so we can come together, be honest with ourselves, and support each other through the ups and downs.

But anywho,


This is me currently: sitting in the library, sweaty and tired. I’m waiting for my next class, which has been the biggest pain in my side this week. It’s a super interesting class and I enjoy the content, but it requires a TON of reading. I spent 10-13 hours on one assignment y’all. That’s nuts. But hey, that’s college, my new way of life!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention for those of you who don’t know, I am a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. It has been.. a roller-coaster. I have had many ups, like my sweet roommate, a couple of amazing friends, and the fact that God has been so faithful through the downs. The downs have been pretty hard on me. I got a cold, my other health stuff has been a pain, I’m overwhelmed, and what’s been hitting me the most- the feeling of incompetence.

Let me tell you though,

The Lord is so good and faithful!

I have realized how important it is to bring our situations to the Lord. When we don’t ask for His help and guidance, we are basically telling Him we can do stuff on our own. But the truth is we can’t. I know for sure that I can’t, haha. So I have been giving my worries and pains to The Lord, and every time He does something about them. He’ll reveal to me sweet truth, or He’ll physically heal me. It’s beautiful. I think He’s trying to constantly remind me that He’s here. He is closer than my breath. It’s so great.

But yeah, school feels like a dream. It doesn’t feel like I’m here and that this is my life for the next 4 years (more like 8, but let’s not think about that right now). I am so grateful though. I don’t ever want to sit and complain about how bad my life is while being here, because it’s a blessing- a BIG blessing. And it’s been difficult not getting into that negative mentality due to me feeling incompetent. Sometimes I question if I am meant to be here or if I’m good enough, but then I look back at scripture and remind myself that I am enough because of Jesus and what He did on the cross. It’s a daily battle in my head, but I’m pretty sure I’ll win in the end.

I’m about to have class, so I guess I’ll end it here. I hope y’all start chatting in the comments! I love talking and hearing from y’all. It means the world to me. Also, if you are in need in prayer, you should definitely visit my prayer requests page. Not only do I love getting to know you by reading your comments, but I want to pray for you too.

Much love,


P.S. UT BEAT NOTRE DAME. Just thought I should remind you of that awesomeness.


My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share something fun that will give y’all a chance to know a little more about me. I feel that reading someone’s content is always enhanced when you actually know the person behind the scenes, so I want y’all to have that opportunity.

All of the people who truly know me, know that I REALLY enjoy watching YouTube videos. I have watched little to no t.v. in the past 2 years because YouTube is my entertainment source (so is Netflix, but that’s a whole other ball game). The YouTube community is such a great one, which is why I am sharing with you my top ten favorite YouTubers.

These couples and individuals have made their own little space on the internet, just like me, and welcome everyone who is interested in what they create. And I want to share it with y’all, because they are great spaces to be in and interact with, and maybe you’ll want to join in on the fun. Now without further ado, let’s begin!

(These are in no order because honestly there is no way I could rank them)

1. KathleenLights

Kathleen is one of my most favorite beauty gurus ever. The atmosphere of her channel is one that is sweet, fun, and inviting. Her channel ranges from beauty, fashion, and makeup, but most of her videos pertain to makeup. She has really helped me through my makeup journey, and has taught me that makeup can be fun and express our personality. I absolutely adore her!

2. JamiePaigeBeauty

Jamie’s channel is one the smaller beauty channels, but honestly she deserves SO much more recognition. Her makeup videos are super creative and unlike anyone else’s. She is such a talented person, and I get so excited when I see that she has uploaded a new video. Jamie is also super interactive with her community of subscribers, which is something I really admire and love about her and her channel.

3. Mariah Leonard

A.k.a. The Gal’s Guide, Mariah’s channel is very similar to Jamie’s in a sense that they are both small, creative beauty channels that deserve way more recognition (They’re also friends so that’s pretty neat). Something that I truly love about Mariah’s channel, is that she really does take in the consideration of her subscribers. She will accustom a lot of her videos to people’s needs or wants, which is something I think is really amazing about her community.

4. Zoella

Zoë’s channel is pretty popular, and it has every reason to be. Her main channel covers many topics, from makeup, hauls, favorites, and challenges- all things I and millions of others enjoy watching. To a lot of people, Zoë is a inspiration, and that includes myself. She is someone who dreams and then goes after it. She has a written several books, has her own beauty line, and many other things that make her such and interesting person. I also recommend her if you enjoy vlogs- hers are super fun to watch!

5. Tanya Burr/ Jim Chapman

These two are a sweet couple who both have main channels and vlog channels. I really like watching Tanya and Jim’s videos, whether they’re together or not. Both of their channels have fun, feel-good vibes that just make you feel super happy.

6. lindseyrem

Lindsey’s channel is unlike any other channel I’ve ever come across. Her videos range from fashion, beauty, school, and music. I think I resonate with her channel a lot because she is currently in college, so we’re both in the same season of our lives. Also, the vibes I get from her channel make me happy because her aesthetic is #goals. I highly recommend her channel if you’re a high school/college kid. And if you’re into vlogs, she also has a vlog channel!

7. Olan Rogers

Switching to an entirely new gear, is Olan. I actually went to go see Olan’s comedy show in Houston and it was sooo good. I was literally grinning the whole time. The Popcorn King is a guy who has funny stories to share, and tells them in such a way that you can’t help but laugh during the entire video. He is so great and genuine, which is something I absolutely love about him and his channel. Now go and watch the Master Commander’s videos- I promise you won’t regret it!

8. Jenna Marbles/ Julien Solomita

I have watched Jenna since she first started making videos, and her channel has always been a place I can go to when I need a good laugh. To sum up her channel, she basically makes content that is weird, funny, and sometimes strangely relatable. Julien is her boyfriend, who also has a channel of his own where he mostly vlogs. His videos are super chill to watch, and his time lapses- wow. They’re beautiful. I also want to mention their podcast because it’s super awesome and funny! I love these otts.

9. danisnotonfire/ AmazingPhil

To get right down to to it, Dan and Phil are British best friends who take over the internet with their weirdness, and somehow make it very relatable. I also REALLY enjoy their gaming channel, just because it’s super goofy. Plus they have a Sims series, and I and many others are now emotionally attached to their Sim so.. watching their gaming channel to me is a must. If the nerd in you is ready to come out, this is the channel for you my friend.

10. Game Grumps

And last, but certainly not least is good ol’ Game Grumps. Game Grumps is a gaming channel (duh), where two guys, Dan and Arin, play games and just talk about stuff. There are also other segments of this channel, but I mainly watch these two. Some of their gaming series are LEGENDARY in the YouTube community, and they are just really great to watch when you need a good laugh. Some of the series/videos I recommend are Pokemon FireRed, Super Mario 3D World, Amazing Frog?, and Battle Kid Fortress of Peril:FINALE.


I follow so many YouTubers, and I didn’t want to just recognize 10, because there are so many others that are AMAZING.So check these peeps out too!


I really hope y’all liked this post. If you’re an avid YouTube watcher like me, PLEASE share your channel suggestions down below. Thanks for reading, and I’ll chat with you next week!

Much love,




*I am not affiliated with any of these people, I just really enjoy their content!