Action is key

Action is key

Wow y’all. It’s that time of the year already. School is here, and summer is over. I cannot even express how blown away I am about how quickly these past 3 months have whizzed by. But I do have to say, in those 3 months I have grown A LOT. I have learned so much about the Lord as my relationship with him has increasingly gotten deeper and deeper. And one of the things that He has brought to my attention the most is people.

People who are hurting and lacking

Have you ever seen someone whose face easily gives away that something is seriously troubling them? Because I have, and I’ve seen it way too many times. And y’all,

we are called to HELP those people.

Especially with a new school year starting, it is so easy to stick with our group of friends and be comfortable with that. It is so easy to just pass on by in the hallways and not speak a word to anyone, because it’s the safe thing to do.

But God doesn’t call us to be safe.

He calls us to be courageous and brave, and help those who are HURTING.

This is my command- be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Joshua shares this with the Israelites before taking possession of the land God had promised them. I believe that the Lord also want us to apply this to ourselves when we are about to go out on the mission field, a.k.a, outside the walls of the comfort of our church, friends, and sometimes homes.

We are on a mission to show people the love of Jesus, and I feel like we tend to forget that when we are in the comfort of our Christian bubble for too long. It’s not about just knowing what is right and wrong, reading the Bible, and hanging out with other Christians, it’s about using those tools and knowledge and sharing it with others. It’s about loving on people. Why else are we doing those things? For our sake?

What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, “Goodbye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well” -but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.

-James 2:14-17

It took me a long time to realize that my life is about more than just me; it’s also about those around me, because I do leave my mark on each and every person I encounter.

And does that mark represent Jesus?

Honestly, not always, but it’s a work in progress. So today, I am challenging you and myself to take action. Whether it’s going up to a person and telling them you’re praying for them, or buying someone a meal, there are plenty of ways for all us to take action and share with people the love that saves.

It saved me, and it saved you.

So why don’t we help others get saved?

Much love,


When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

-Romans 12:13


July/August Favorites

July/August Favorites

Hey y’all! I’m going to share with you my favorites during the months of July and August. The list piled up pretty high, and I truly have been enjoying everything I have listed. I hope that some of these things are new finds for you that maybe you can look into!

Now without further ado, let’s begin!


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner by Lush- So I actually re-fell in love with this product. I discovered it back in February, before blog times, and it is seriously the best-kept secret for lazy girls. If you don’t like putting on cold, greasy lotion after a shower, you. need. this. Basically, you lather this on at the end of your shower and rinse it off with water. It leaves your skin nourished but not sticky. It’s AMAZING!

IMG_3324 IMG_3413

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer- I had heard the hype over this product for way too long, and I finally had to try it for myself. And let me tell y’all- it really is great! Super minimal creasing (My under-eyes naturally crease so that’s a biggie for me), full coverage, and it’s also lightweight! My only complaint is something that is of my own doing, which is the shade. I picked up “light neutral” when I should have picked a more yellow shade. Urban Decay did me no wrong with this concealer, I highly recommend!


Too Faced Sweet Tea Bronzer- Love love love is all I can say about this product. I have weird pigmentation issues where my bronzer sits on my skin, so a lot of the time the product skips, but I do not have that issue with this bronzer. Another thing I really like about it, is that it gives a subtle and healthy glow to the skin. It is super universal when it comes to skin types because there are two shades in this bronzer. You can add more of the dark shade to make it more deep, and lighter with the light shade!



Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in “Hot Toddy”- I can’t stop wearing this gloss, ESPECIALLY on those “natural days.” I’ve never really been a gloss gal, but this totally changed my mind. This polish 1) Isn’t gloopy 2) is super moisturizing and 3) SMELLS LIKE LUCKY CHARMS OMG. It is such a wonderful scent to put on my lips. It also has lip-plumping powers, but as shown below it is not a big difference. Regardless, I really enjoy this gloss! 

Pro tip: This gloss looks AMAZING with the lippie stix by Colourpop called “Brink” I talked about it in my last monthly favorites. The perfect everyday combo.




Link in Bio hat- This hat has been on my head for every bad hair day. Honestly, it’s mainly in my favorites because it’s so fitting now that I have a blog so.. yeah. You’ll catch me referencing to it a lot. #sorrynotsorry


Arizona Birkenstocks in “Mocha”- These shoes have also been very consistent in my every day attire. They are super comfortable once broken in, and you can dress them up with so many different styles. I can’t get enough! (Also, excuse my tennis tan)



Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares- Basically the vegan version of cheez-its, these bad boys are so awesome for you guys out there who are like me, and cannot have cheese. I will admit, these don’t taste like cheez-its, but the taste itself is good enough for me. The only store I know that has them is Krogers!



Rivers and Robots- Wowowowow I really really like this band. They have been on repeat constantly for the past two months. Rivers and Robots is an Indie Worship Band. I honestly cannot even give you my favorite tracks because I really love all of them. They totally deserve more recognition!

“Follow Your Bliss” playlist on Spotify- Following along with the music theme, I wanted to give this playlist a shout out! My boyfriend, Kyle, actually showed it to me and I’ve been listening to it a bunch since! It very much so gives a fun, feel-good type of mood, so if you’re into that I really recommend this playlist.

Stranger Things- I think me and everyone else who has Netflix has watched this series, and loves it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s scary, but it definitely is a little creepy. What I really like about it though is the 80’s vibe. Much fashion. Very style.

No but seriously. Check it out if you haven’t already! You’ll immediately get hooked.


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers- This is a beautiful book based on the book of Hosea. If you love Jesus and you enjoy a few tears while reading a book, you need to read this. Right now. End of discussion. 

Journaling- I’m putting this in my favorites because this really is something I love doing during my everyday routine. Journaling has totally changed my life in the best way possible. I journal during my quiet time and sometimes at the end of the day if there’s something I really feel like putting on paper, or if something significant happened. Not only is it something that has been benefiting me now, but it will be neat to be able to look back on what I’ve been writing now, in the future. Out of everything I’ve mentioned, I recommend this the most!


And that is it for July/August favorites! I love doing these posts because I feel like y’all get to know me a little bit more, which is great because I am always willing to share more with y’all. Please please please feel free to comment down below if there are any types of blog posts y’all are wanting to see from me. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment sharing what your favorites were for these past couple of months! And if there was anything I listed that you want to check out, just click on the name of the product and it will send you to right link.


Much love,


Update on My Social Media Fast

Update on My Social Media Fast

Hello readers! I wanted to update you on my social media fast since it’s almost been 2 weeks since I made my whole blog post about it. If you didn’t get a chance to read that, I’ll leave the link at the bottom of this post.

Some of you may have already noticed that I am back on social media. After a week and a couple of days, I decided that it was okay to give myself access to the good ol’ internet again. I felt that the end goal I was searching for was reached, and that goal was for me not to be so dependent on social media.

During my time off the interwebs, I actually learned a lot about myself and my lifestyle. One of the main things that this fast taught me is that it is completely okay to not know what everyone else is doing.

I know, that revelation is gasp-worthy, but it is so true.

I didn’t cry because I knew I was missing out on a celebrity’s #ootd. In fact, it felt very freeing that I wasn’t keeping up with everyone’s life updates. I used to spend so much time surveying other people’s lives that I didn’t even give myself time to think of my own. This leads me to the next big point that I learned from fasting:

Use your free time to try new things!

During my fast, I had a LOT more free time to myself, which gave me the opportunity to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I will admit, that didn’t mean I was always productive, but I did things that I truly enjoyed doing. For example, I played Pokemon. Not Pokemon Go, but actual Pokemon on the DS (Alpha Sapphire to be exact). And guess what? It was so much fun! It’s been so long since I’ve given myself the time to sit down and dive into a game like that, and I don’t regret it. It was relaxing and it gave me a new element to myself- something I could bond over with others.

I totally recommend giving yourself some time to try something new, or do something you haven’t done in a long time. New hobbies or interests can always be a fun adventure, even if it’s something as silly as playing Pokemon.

Now probably the most important thing I learned through this experience is how important it is to build relationships. With family, friends, and God. I no longer had a phone to distract me when I was hanging out with someone or when I had my quiet time with The Lord. My time with everyone was raw, and because of that it made those moments so much sweeter. People REALLY enjoy when you give them your undivided attention; it makes them feel loved and important.

This was such a great experience that I do not regret doing at all. I’m so happy that I am now at a point where I don’t constantly feel the need to check my phone. And when I do get down or I need support, I go to God instead of the internet, and it has made LOADS of a difference in my life. I didn’t lose a thing from fasting, I actually gained, and I am so grateful that The Lord called me to do it.

If y’all have any questions about my fasting experience, feel free to leave a comment below! I love hearing your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,




Social Media, Time, and Jesus ← Why I did my fast


My Ebenezer

My Ebenezer

Samuel then took a large stone and placed it in between the towns of Mizpah and Jeshanah. He named it Ebenezer (which means “the stone of help”), for he said, “Up to this point, the Lord has helped us!” – 1 Samuel 7:12 (NLT)

This past week I was able to place my own Ebenezer. In just a matter of four days, the Lord did some radical things in my life, and I want to share it will y’all today.

From Sunday to Wednesday I was a part of a wonderful camp called “Ignite Texas.” It was a camp for incoming UT students to help us find community with other Christians on campus. Going into it, I didn’t really know what to expect. I saw it as an opportunity to be on fire for the Lord as soon as I enter college, but it turned out to be SO much more than that, in the greatest of ways.

Not only am I on fire for God, but my relationship with Him is so much deeper than it was when I stepped on those camp grounds. I see Him in a whole new light now; The Lord is so big and miraculous that I seriously cannot even fathom it. I am starting to get to know WHO He is, not just what He can do, and it has been the greatest adventure.

And y’all, I met the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. The loving presence that surrounded me was not only The Lord’s goodness, but the passion that His disciples had for their new peers. Something I noticed very quickly was that the counselors at this camp truly wanted to get to know us campers, and that made the entire experience feel so welcoming. No one was left out, and no one was alone.

In high school I did not have the greatest luck with friends. The more years that passed by, the less friends I had. My beliefs and the way I lived my life didn’t line up with other people’s, so slowly my friends chipped away. By senior year I had a few acquaintances and one friend,  and that one friend was already in college. Senior year was a difficult season for me. I battled with my health, family issues, and on top of all of that I felt alone.

But that’s when The Lord gave me a promise.

A promise for amazing friends in the future.

And guess what?

He kept His promise!

What God had in store for me when it came to friends was WAY better than what I had imagined. I figured that I would make friends throughout my collegiate years, whether it be in my classes, church, or clubs. But instead, God has put me in a place where I can enter this new season of my life with friends already by my side.

I cannot explain how grateful I am for Ignite. The immense amount of love, breakthroughs, memories, and inside jokes that happened in that short amount of time is something I will NEVER forget. It is a stone that I can always look back on and proclaim, “He is good.”

Because He is.

God really is.

And I am a testimony for that.

Much love,


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Our Brother

Our Brother


Who is Jesus?

Savior. Shepard. Deliverer. Redeemer.


I feel like we tend to forget that one.


A lot of times, we think of Jesus as the man who did miraculous, unexplainable things that we can never wrap our heads around. He is the perfect man who sacrificed himself for the imperfect. While this is beautiful truth, we are still missing one very important aspect of the story.

So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters. – Hebrews 2:11

He died because he loves us.

He died so He could call us family.

He wanted us sinners to be apart of His family so we could be loved the way the Father loves Him.

This blows my mind. Jesus is my brother, OUR brother. Do we ever truly appreciate how amazing that is?

Like I said earlier, we always see Jesus as our Savior, which He rightfully is, but I feel that sometimes that makes Him seem so far away. He is the popular kid at school and there is no way we can get into his circle.

But that’s not true y’all.

He walked on the Earth side by side with humans. He endured the same trials and tribulations that we went through. Temptation, anger, suffering- He went through it all so He could later on help us, like the big brother that He is. And the best part is, because Jesus never sinned throughout His entire life (even during the rough times) His advice is perfect!

Therefore, it was necessary for him to be made in every respect like us, his brothers and sisters, so that he could be our merciful and faithful High Priest before God. Then he could offer a sacrifice that would take away the sins of people. Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested. – Hebrews 2:17-18

Guys, don’t ever forget that Jesus loves you. He wants to spend time with you and for you to see him as he sees you- A brother/sister in Christ.

Much love,



Social Media, Time, and Jesus

Social Media, Time, and Jesus

Hello lovely readers!

I know this post is kinda random and not on my usual schedule, but I really wanted to share with y’all something that has been revealed to me, and maybe it’s something that the Lord also wants to reveal to you. I feel like what I’m about to discuss is something a lot of us go through in this day and age, but it goes fairly unnoticed, which is another reason why I feel compelled to share it with you.

So here it goes.

I am going on a social media fast.

Some of you may be gasping right now thinking, “That’s impossible!” but oh no my friend, it is happening.

I have been feeling really lost and confused lately. I feel like my mind is in all different places, and I can’t focus to save my life. For the longest time I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way. I figured that it’s because I have been uninspired or busy. But I have come to realize that I am spending too much time in the wrong places.

I believe that I am trying to find satisfaction in social media. I watch it to feel something, whether it’s happiness, inspiration, or dare I even say it-wholeness. I am searching for answers in places where I simply cannot get them. I know this because when I am on social media, more than half of the time I am also giving my attention to something else. I will watch YouTube and get on Twitter at the same time because apparently just doing one isn’t good enough. These distractions has impeded on my relationship with the Lord. I run to my distractions instead of running to Him. I depend on and trust worldly entertainment more than I trust God.

And that is not okay.

He is where I find joy.

He gives me inspiration.

And most of all, He is the one who truly makes me feel whole.

So today I have pledged to do a social media detox. I need to spend less time on the internet and more time with the Lord. He deserves so much more of my time than what I have been giving Him, and when I spend time with God I need to give Him my full attention.

Social media can never do what our Almighty Creator can, even in the slightest. So if you have been struggling with this problem as well, I challenge you to step away from internet. You don’t have to do a full blown fast. Even if it is just staying off the internet for 3 hours a day and spending some of that time with The Lord, I’m sure it will make a difference.

During this time I’ll only be on social media for blog purposes. I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this for, so if you need to contact me for any reason feel free to send me a message on my “Contact me” page.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to VivaciousHannah and Tessa Violet. Both of them made YouTube videos that really brought this issue to my attention. If you’re interested in watching their videos, I’ll leave links at the bottom of this post.

Much love,


Hannah’s video-

Tessa’s video-